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Make It Stop (Single)

Make It Stop! is an impassioned howl against the global drift to right wing extremism and persecution of minorities, and is already a live showstopper for the band. It features the thrilling cross-generational combination of Def Leppard’s Joe Elliott and LilyBud on backing vocals. Prepare to feel the hair on your neck stand on end.


‘Dark Times’ sees Richard Strange back with all of the vim and vigour of the early days, with an incredible set of songs, and with some fantastic collaborators. It’s time to make an appointment.

Make It Stop! is available to stream and buy here.

DOM Make It Stop artwork .jpeg

Dark Times (Album)

Dark Times is the most potent and incisive musical dissection of modern life and contemporary politics released this decade. With tracks titles like “So Many ways To Hurt You”, “Sour Hour”, “Make It Stop!” and the ground-breaking sonic assault of the title track “Dark Times”, Richard “Kid” Strange proves once again that he has his finger firmly on the pulse of our times, just as he had when he founded the band in 1974. 


Produced by John Leckie (Radiohead, Muse, Stone Roses, Pink Floyd, XTC, Simple Minds), the new album, Dark Times, features contributions from Joe Elliott (Def Leppard), Sarah Jane Morris (Communards), Terry Edwards (PJ Harvey, Nick Cave, Tindersticks), Steve ‘Boltz’ Bolton (The Who, Scott Walker, Atomic Rooster, Paul Young Band) and the young protest singer Lily Bud (Sarah Jane Morris, Band of Holy Joy), alongside the current thrilling and thunderous Doctors of Madness rhythm section of Susumu Ukei (bass guitar) and  Mackii Ukei (drums) of the Japanese extreme glam-metal band Sister Paul, and Dylan O Bates (violin and keyboards).

The CD version of the album is available now from our online shop.


All Night Movies, Late Night Brainstorms (Album)

Figments Of Emancipation

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